Escort London

I enjoy meeting new people and so far have been fortunate to be greatly enriched by my encounters.

My friends call me elegant and charming; I just think of myself as being well-grounded with good manners.I’m a naturally curious and no judgmental person, which I think is why I’m such a good listener.

It is great pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Sophia and I am a London escort. I love literature, food, art and music. Traveling, movies and plays but most of all. I love creating special moments with someone and living life to the fullest. To me it is so rewarding to begin a new journey with someone and learn things from each other- building a connection is my all time high.

I have had the opportunity of many fmty trips which has given me the pleasure of traveling and discovering new places. I’m forever grateful to the gentlemen who have provided and made all my traveling experiences unforgettable.

Creating a painting that captures a moment that is so timeless that when you see it, the feeling with which you created it comes back instantly. Having an undeniable connection with someone after just meeting them for the first time and creating an unforgettable memory.